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Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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Jewish heritage tours in central Europe & tour to Poland

Poland Jewish Heritage Tours & Travel

Luxury Jewish heritage toursPoland Jewish Heritage Tours offers a unique and one of a kind glance into Poland's Jewish heritage. We allow you to experience the rich heritage of Poland's Jewish



If you had to guess the Los Angeles Times’ #3 must-visit travel destination, what would you guess? Beijing, China? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

None of the above – it’s Warsaw, Poland, with its castles, gardens, and 15th century market square. That’s also why it’s an official UNESCO heritage site!

And with Poland Jewish Heritage Tours, travel to Poland takes on a whole new meaning.

And... as far as Poland’s Jewish roots go, something remarkable is going on in Poland today!

Poland’s transformation after becoming a democratic nation has brought about a shift to restore and re–claim its more vibrant culture and past. Part of this richness is its recognition of the Jewish contribution to its art, history, and culture. A Jewish renaissance is growing and re-awakening...Come join us and explore this 1000 years of Jewish past and show support for this flourishing present and future Jewish revitalization.

Poland Jewish Heritage Tours:

Our Poland Jewish Heritage Tours will create an environment that is significant, real, and relevant. Nothing can ever replace authentic experiences. The significance becomes deeply personal for each individual participant. Walking through an old Jewish quarter, sitting in a century old synagogue, visiting a village and seeing where one’s ancestors lived, or participating in a festival to commemorate and celebrate Jewish life and culture with 15,000 others Jews and gentiles alike is empowering, life changing, and impactful. Jewish history and culture becomes not just part of a faded past but a vital and living part of the present.

Poland Jewish Heritage Tours are educationally stimulating, professional and an uniquely tailored cultural tour experience with an exceptional range of tour options:

  • Exploration of your genealogy, pre-arranged visits to Jewish museums, synagogues, historical sites, and cultural events,
  • Tailor-made visits off the tourist track into shtetls, cities, and villages where we discuss local Jewish history, meet local historians and see the homes where your families lived, walk the streets where they walked, bask in the sun of their town squares, and sit in the synagogues where they came to pray.
  • Meet the Chief Rabbi of Poland
  • VIP seats to the largest Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow.
  • Affordable First class travel and accommodations

Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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