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Why Travel Poland Jewish Heritage Tours

Something remarkable is going on in Poland today… and our Poland Jewish Heritage Tours offers a vibrant, warm, and uniquely special experience.

Poland Jewish Heritage Tours and Tours offers you Jewish Heritage Travel to Poland with front-row seats to witnessing and participating in this incredible renaissance while at the same time showcasing for you a millennium of Jewish history and culture.

People who have participated in our programs often describe their experiences as deeply moving and even life-changing:

The renewal of Jewish life in Poland is particularly meaningful because prior to the devastation of the Holocaust, Poland boasted one of the largest and most influential Jewish communities in the world. It was the epicenter of Jewish learning and culture in Europe for almost 1000 years. Sixty years after the Holocaust, Poland is once again reclaiming its title as a dynamic center of Jewish life.

Furthermore, over 70% of Jews in America trace a direct ancestry to Poland, as do 60% of Israeli Jews.
Australian journalist, Sam Lipsky, who spent 40 years avoiding Poland, but finally visited it this year for the first time, explained about his Jewish heritage travel to Poland:

“Indeed, I urge every Jew, who has any connection with Poland to go there, to confront the complexities of their personal and our national histories, and to experience for themselves the still fledgling, but deeply moving renewal of Jewish life there.

Today’s new imperative is to support and sustain those Polish Jews who are emerging tentatively and bravely from the destruction of Jewish life under Nazism and communism.

And that means also finding ways to encourage the growing numbers of non-Jewish Poles who are working to restore Jewish culture as part of their lost national heritage.”

Personal statements from people on our tours:

I would like to deeply thank Poland Jewish Heritage Tours and Tours for a first class trip. It was eye opening and totally turned everything I thought I knew upside down. It was beautifully done and one of the most heartwarming and knowledgeable tours I have been on. I thank you for your attention to detail, warmth and deep caring for all of us on this trip.
Deborah Franzon, Miami, Florida

No one can come and go out unchanged in the most important way. Your Jewish tour to Poland brings it all alive. I learned and experienced much of what I never knew about my Jewish heritage and you brought me a connection I never had before. I can't thank you enough for this enjoyable and well done Jewish travel to Poland. I am telling all my friends and family that it is a must to go for all Jews and non-Jews alike.
David Schiff, Ontario, Canada

Bravo! This Jewish heritage travel to Poland is one of the best tours I have taken in a long time. The Krakow Jewish Culture festival was especially marvelous. Never experienced anything like it. Incredible! An absolute must experience of celebration for every Jew. What inspiring music and culture and sense of Jewish pride. I had tears in my eyes as I listened with so many others, Jews and non-Jew alike dancing and holding each other at the final concert on Szeroka Street. Very emotional and inspiring. I hope all Jews are fortunate enough to share this.
Monique Levy, Paris, France

Thank you Poland Jewish Heritage Tours and Tours and Ron. An amazing experience. One of the best trips I have been none.
Barbara Horowitz, Los Angeles, CA

Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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