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Warsaw - a charming capital

Today Warsaw is a city with many faces where tradition intermingles with modernity. From the terrace on Zamkowy Square, where the Royal Castle and St. Anne’s Church are located, is a view of the new Świętokrzyski Bridge. The dominating silhouette of the city centre belongs to the Palace of Culture and Science, which today shares the city skyline with numerous office towers...

Krakow - the Polish Treasure

Cracow, with a population of nearly one million inhabitants, is one of the most frequently visited cities in Poland. It is an important centre of science with its renowned Jagiellonian University (est. 1364) - one of the oldest schools in Europe. The old city centre of Cracow has been enlisted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites...

Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia – The Tricity

The Tricity, an urban complex extending along the Bay of Gdańsk, is one of Poland’s largest tourist attractions. Each of the cities making up the Tricity offers a different atmosphere...

Jelenia Gora – The Pearl of the Karkonosze Mountains

In 1108, Polish duke Boleslaus III founded a fortified settlement, nestled in a valley among the mountains. Such was the origin of today’s Jelenia Gora – a town of 900 years‘ history. Owing to numerous historic monuments, hot springs and picturesque location it is often called the Pearl of the Karkonosze Mountains. Does the town deserve this name? Come and see yourself...

Zakopane - winter capital of Poland

Zakopane, located in southern Poland very close to the Tatra National Park (Tatrzanski Park Narodowy), offers many attractions all year round.

Bialystok - the capital of Podlasie

Close to 300,000 residents make Bialystok the largest city of northeastern Poland and the capital of the Podlasie province. The city is the administrative, commercial, scientific and cultural center in this part of Poland, which because of its exceptional ecological value, is called the Green Lungs of Poland.

Wroclaw - a magical city

Wrocław was once described as “the holy blossom of Europe, a beautiful gem among cities”, and has always been a bone of contention, changing hands many times throughout its long history. In the past, Wrocław has belonged to Poles, Czechs, Austrians, Hungarians and Germans. Settlers here have included Walloons, Jews, Italians and Ruthenians...

Szczecin – the historic capital of the West Pomerania

Szczecin is situated at the beginning of the estuary of the Oder River (Odra), some 65 km from the Baltic Sea. Many centuries ago this region was the ducal territory of the aristocratic Griffin dynasty and the scene of stormy history which saw the numerous incorporations of Szczecin into other countries, Sweden, Prussia and Poland.

Torun - the city of many nations

The Old and the New Town in Toruń, with the Teutonic Castle, were entered on the UNESCO list of the most important historic sites of world cultural heritage in 1997.

Olsztyn - Copernicus city with 15 lakes

Olsztyn is situated in the southern part of Warmia on the river Łyna, within the boundaries of Olsztyńskie Lakeland. There are 15 lakes situated within the borders of Olsztyn, among numerous frontal moraines which were formed during the last glaciations.

Kielce - on the crossroads

Located in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Kielce is the economic and tourist center of the region.

Zielona Gora - the city of the future

The city with a history going back to the 13th century is situated in the very centre of Europe, between Berlin, Wrocław, Szczecin, Poznań and Prague. Its position has, for many years, favoured the shaping of a multitude of contacts with the people of other regions and countries.

Rzeszów - the capital of the Podkarpacie Region

Rzeszów has welcomed visitors for almost 700 years. Its oldest written records date back to 1354, when the Medieval city Resovia was granted civic rights. Since then, it has been a meeting point of many European nations: the Byzantine East and Mediterranean West, people from the South and North of Europe.

Łódź - City of Creative Energy

Łódź, the largest city in Poland, aside from Warsaw, is a cultural phenomenon and a fascinating place inhabited by distinguished artists, scientists and industrialists. It is a modern city deeply rooted in tradition.


For many ages on the borders between Western and Eastern Europe Lublin played an important cultural role. Centuries ago, trade and diplomatic activity crossed here; today Lublin is a meeting place of artists, scientists, students and businesspeople.

Poznań – the legendary cradle of Poland

Poznań is known around the world as an important international trade-fair centre. Every year about 30 international and national events are held here. Specialist trade fairs, such as the Polagra Fair, featuring food products, and the Budma Fair, featuring building materials, are among the largest sectoral events in Europe. The historical landmarks in this city are also well worth seeing...

Gorzow Wielkopolski

Gorzow Wielkopolski is not only the largest town in the province but is also the region’s true centre, a real junction where administration, economic, cultural and social threads intertwine.

Opole – capital of Polish music

The center of Opole preserved historical urban pattern which has been shaped from the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries and referred to as Silesian chessboard.

Katowice, center of cultural and economic life in Upper Silesia

The city of Katowice is the centre of cultural and economic life in Upper Silesia (Gorny Slask), a region in south eastern Poland.


Bydgoszcz - city with nearly 400 thousand inhabitants, for over 7 centuries harmoniously growing alongside the banks of Brda and Vistula rivers draws its wisdom and strength from the resources of spiritual and material heritage of three geographic and historic regions: Wielkopolska, Pomorze and Kujawy.

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