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Judaism in Poland is alive!

Did you know?:
  • There are 30,000 and probably more Jews in Poland, many of whom have only recently discovered their Jewish roots and actively participate in Jewish life in Poland?
  • That there are thriving communities in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, and reawakening in Czestochowa, Zielona Gora and other cities?
  • That in nearly all of Poland’s sixteen largest cities there are functional Jewish communities served by seven rabbis?
  • That there are many vibrant Jewish institutions organizing lectures, Hebrew lessons, Sunday schools for children, etc., that there are Jewish culture festivals, book fairs and Jewish press?
  • That universities in Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Wroclaw, Poznan and Torun have Jewish or Hebrew studies departments offering college-level courses in Jewish civilization and history, Hebrew and Yiddish that are highly popular with students?
  • That there are Jewish students’ organizations, Jewish elementary and middle schools and Jewish kindergartens?
  • That the Polish government donated land and over 30% of the budget for the creation of the Museum of History of Polish Jews in Warsaw?
  • That Polish Catholic schools send their students to join March of the Living?
  • That Poland is one of Israel’s strongest allies in Europe?
  • That it is a crime in Poland to deny the Holocaust?
  • That Jewish writers (Imre Kertesz, Amos Oz, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Eli Weisel, etc.) have been translated into Polish and are widely read here?
  • That there are more than ten Jewish culture festivals held annually all over Poland, with the largest, the Jewish Festival in Krakow, attracting over 20,000 Polish Christians and Jews?
Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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Poland Jewish Heritage Tours
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